Using the Sony SEL 10-18mm F/4.0 OSS on the Sony A7rII

Today’s blogpost is not a review, it’s rather a tip for all who are in the market for a wide angle zoom for the Sony A7rII. Of course, there is the Sony FE 16-35/4 Zeiss, but it’s not cheap and rather big. If you want something smaller and lighter, you should check out the Sony SEL 10-18/4. Even though it is meant to be used on crop sensor cameras, it’s totally usable in full frame mode starting from 12mm up to 16mm. There will be some vignetting and extreme corner sharpness is not perfect, especially when shooting wide open. Other than that you’ll get a crazy wide field of view at half of the price and weight of the Zeiss 16-35.

Of course, you will get the same results when you have one of the other Alpha 7 Series cameras, but there are some benefits in combination with the A7rII:

  • If you need more reach, you can use it in crop mode and still end up with 18MP files, which should be plenty for most uses.
  • If you’re shooting 4K on the A7rII you might know that the Super 35 mode is superior in terms of image quality, especially when shooting at higher ISOs. At the moment the SEL 10-18/4 is the only native zoom option out there that will give you a super wide field of view in Super 35 mode.

Haven’t had the chance to use it a lot, but so far I am pretty happy with the results. Here are some examples from a wedding shoot and a recent trip to Iran.

Sony 10-18 (1)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 1/13, f/4, ISO 2.500

Sony 10-18 (3)

Sony ArII, 14mm, 1/800, f/9, ISO 100




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For readers from Germany:

Sony SEL 10-18/4

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Sony SEL 10-18/4

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Sony SEL 10-18/4



Sony 10-18 (4)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 1/800, f/9, ISO 100

Sony 10-18 (5)

Sony ArII, 13mm, 1/40, f/8, ISO 100

Sony 10-18 (6)

Sony ArII, 16mm, 1/80, f/8, ISO 100, slightly cropped

Sony 10-18 (7)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 30s, f/4, ISO 12.800, slightly cropped

Sony 10-18 (8)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 30s, f/4, ISO 51.200 (!)

Sony 10-18 (9)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 1/20, f/6.3, ISO 100, slightly cropped

Sony 10-18 (10)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 1/250, f/13, ISO 100

Sony 10-18 (11)

Sony ArII, 12mm, 1/250, f/13, ISO 80, slightly cropped

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  • OwenMay 7, 2016 - 17:27


    Someone recently suggested the Sony 10-18 f/4 to me an I wondered if I could ask you two questions?

    1) Do you need an adapter to attach it to the a7r II
    2) Now you have had it a while is it still the best ultra wide angle lens for the a7r II?
    3) Do you have any tips other than those in this article when using this lens?

    Thank you.


    • RobinJune 16, 2016 - 12:45

      Hi Owen! There is no adapter needed. It’s probably not the best option, but it’s rather affordable and delivers good results.


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  • Scott Spencer-WhiteJune 13, 2018 - 13:35

    Excellent information and really good examples you’ve included! I have the 10-18mm f4 OSS lens and upgrading from the a6300 to A7iii. This is one lens I can make use of in the meantime. Good to know – many thanks!


    • RobinJuly 13, 2018 - 14:38

      You are welcome Scott! 🙂