Sailing the Caribbean part 3 – a place like paradise

Finally here is part three of my epic Caribbean adventure. If you haven’t seen the other parts, click here for part one and here for part two.

The day after the crazy volcano hike everyone was still exhausted and the only activity that morning was a trip to Kingstown to go to the fish market and to buy some groceries. Unfortunately we were really busy, but I’d have loved to spend more time there to explore and take photos. The scenery looked lovely and very colorful. As a street photographer it was tough to leave again so soon. ☹

After our shopping tour we eventually left St. Vincent were headed towards Britania Bay on Mustique. The bay was actually pretty lovely, but it wasn’t as exciting as St.Vincent.


It was already day 11 and one highlight of the trip was going to follow on that day. The plan was to get up very early, to sail into the sunrise and arrive at the heavenly beautiful Tobago Kays around noon. As a photographer that was awesome because the morning light was just amazing. Our boat was first to arrive at the Tobago Kays and after a while the Moselle also made it there. Here we were again joined by the other two crews from the Windwards turn. 

The scenery there is just beautiful. It’s simply a massive lagoon with a couple of small islands surrounding it. Simply the perfect spot to hang around and chill and that is exactly what we did. Later that day we had  a BBQ on the beach and a lovely day came to an end.


On our second day on the Tobago Kays the main activities we did were basically just chilling and snorkeling. In the afternoon we explored a tiny island nearby and after that we all enjoyed an epic sunset that ended our second and last day there which was kind of sad.

448449450451452453454The next morning it was time to leave the Tobago Kays for our last destination before heading back to Grenada. We left there early in the morning and I joined the Moselle crew for the second time. We arrived at Petit St. Vincent in the afternoon and after hiking up the small hill we all met up at a beach bar to watch the sunset. The bar belongs to a very expensive luxury resort and is absolutely stunning.

455456457458459460461462463464465466467468469470471And finally it was time to sail back to Grenada, where an incredible sailing adventure should come to an end. In two weeks the weather was almost perfect the whole time and the only thing that was lacking a bit was  wind. Nevertheless we had a wonderful time and on our seven hour cruise back to Grenada we were able to catch a couple of Barracudas and a Mahi Mahi, we saw a whale and came across a school of dolphins. That was the perfect ending for our trip.


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  • Marcus RieseMay 18, 2016 - 08:46

    Again, fantastic shots. Maybe you can do a dedicated post about the gear you brought. I am particular impressed by how well the cameras performed in harsh daylight. Contrasts seem perfekt without blown highlights etc.


    • RobinJune 16, 2016 - 12:52

      That’s the cool thing about modern sensors, the dynamic range is most of the time no problem at all. Most of the shots were taken with A7rII and Leica Q.