Sailing the Caribbean part 2 – Pirates of the Caribbean and the crazy volcano hike

So folks, here is part two of my epic Caribbean adventure. If you haven’t seen part one, click here.

Day six started very chilled and this time I joined the Moselle Crew to take some photos there. Maybe not the ideal day because they partied hard the night before and everyone was really tired. Our destination for the day was Bequia, which is the biggest of the Grenadine Islands. On our way there we got a message from one of the Crews that were sailing the Windward Islands that they will wait for us there. So in total there were four Join the Crew boats to stay in Bequia over the night and that was somewhat special.


The next morning we explored the small village and bought  some groceries. The place was absolutely beautiful and besides us there were no other tourists around. That was going to change dramatically after a big cruise ship arrived. Around noon we set sails again to catch up with our second boat that was already on course to St. Vincent. They planned to stay in a small bay at the south-western shore. Unfortunately the bay wasn’t exactly spacious and already packed with boats, so we decided to look for a better place to spend the night. After sailing northwards for a while, there was this guy called Shawn who approached us and told us about Wallilabou Bay, the place where the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie was shot. It seemed to be a good idea to stay there and that’s what we ended up doing. Even though the bay looked very beautiful, it is a notorious place and well known for drug trafficking, something we didn’t know at that point. In general St. Vincent is not the safest place on earth and even violent crimes to take place on a regular basis. But I have to say, that after all I felt pretty safe there. Actually that night I was walking around on my own to find a nice spot for some astro-photography and the locals I met were very kind and helpful.



Getting up early to hike to a nearby waterfall was our plan for the following morning. The waterfall was a joke and not even worth a single picture. 😀

Also nothing worth mentioning happened till we arrived at the Blue Lagoon marina later on, where we met the other crew again and our local guide called Winston. He is very funny and well-known in St. Vincent, since he is a reggae singer and a former soccer player. After having some drinks he invited us to his home, where he planned to cook for all of us. A mini bus brought us to his place where we had a very relaxed evening.



Day nine started where the day before ended for us, in the mini bus. But this time the mini bus took us to the northern part of the island, to hike the famous La Soufriere volcano. The ride took us more than an hour and was pretty awesome. St. Vincent is very beautiful and since tourism is lacking big time, the island seems absolutely unspoiled and authentic.

Hiking up there was absolutely brutal, especially with 10kg of equipment on my back. No pain no gain… 😀 The view on top made us forget about the exhausting ascent pretty quickly, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Going down again was a little bit easier, but we had to be very careful not to fall on the slippery ground.

After a small lunch break we took off to a nearby beach where a natural sea water pool was welcoming us for a well-deserved bath. The ride back to the marina took us almost 90 minutes, but it was a good opportunity to snap a couple of pictures out of the car window.



…to be continued!

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