Sailing the Caribbean – arrival in Grenada and the first days

Almost three years ago I made my first sailing experience in the Caribbean. It had been my first time on a boat for more than just a couple of hours and at the same time it had been my first trip to the Caribbean ever, which was exiting in itself. I had a wonderful time and now it was time to go again. Last time we sailed the Leeward Islands starting from St. Martin. This time we left from Grenada and sailed northwards up to St. Vincent.

After arriving in the evening we stayed in the marina until the next morning when we did all the grocery shopping before leaving after lunch. We motored only two miles to the next bay where we planned to spend the night.


The next day we got up early and it was actually the first time we set sails. But since it wasn’t a particularly windy day, we sailed at a rather slow pace. To kill some time we tried to do some fishing and we got really lucky. It took us only a couple of minutes to catch our first Tuna. In the evening we eventually arrived at our final destination for the night. The place was called Tyrell Bay and it wasn’t the most beautiful spot on earth, but at least the sunset was pretty epic.


Day three started with a visit at the immigration office because officially we were about to leave the country. Even though the office opens early in the morning, it’s a process that takes a while. Eventually we left the bay and our first stop was Sandy Island, which is a rather midsized sandbank with some palm trees on it. Definitely a very pretty place to spend the afternoon. After relaxing there for a while we set sails again and took off to Clifton on Union Island. Clifton is a nice place, it’s not very touristy and it looks very authentic. The locals were very friendly and wandering around taking pictures was a lot of fun.


While my crew was still asleep, I decided to join the others to watch the sunrise from a hill nearby. We hiked up there around 5:50 am and pretty soon we realized that it wasn’t the best idea ever. The horizon was packed with clouds and our sunrise adventure turned into an epic failure. Nevertheless we still enjoyed the early morning walk. Soon after breakfast we set course to Carnash Bay. The bay is absolutely lovely and exactly what comes into mind when you think about the Caribbean.


…to be continued!


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