It’s about time to try something new – Hasselblad XPan

The first camera I’ve ever bought was digital and ever since I’ve never felt the urge to try out film. The convenience of seeing the results right away and being able to open the files by simply sticking the memory card into the card reader was something I did not want to miss and it is still very important to me.

Digital cameras have come a long way and modern sensors are extremely capable of delivering unbelievable image quality. Low light is not scary anymore and the exposure latitude of recent cameras is simply breathtaking.

Hasselblad XPan

It’s hard to argue against the fact that digital cameras have taken over the photography world and are superior in every way.

Basically, there is no point of shooting film anymore, right?

Logically speaking it’s true, but…

When I am listening to music I usually use the MP3s on my phone or I simply stream it, but at home, I still prefer vinyl over any form of digitalized music. And I am not one of those people who claim that vinyl simply sounds better. No, the reason is simply that I like the medium and I absolutely don’t mind all the disadvantages that come along with vinyl.

This is not directly related to photography but I think it helps to understand my point of view.

Last year I bought a camera that can only shoot black and white and people told me that it makes absolutely no sense at all. Yes, they were absolutely right but I still don’t regret my decision and I absolutely love the results I am getting out of this camera.

Not long ago I stumbled upon this Youtube Channel and in a couple of episodes, Eduardo is using a Hasselblad XPan film camera. The super wide format immediately caught my intention and i wanted to try out that camera myself. By the way, check out his channel, he does a really good job and he is basically the main reason that I bought my first ever film camera!

For you guys who don’t know about the Hasselblad XPan. It is simply a 35mm camera that has a very wide field of view and a roll of 36 images will give you 20 exposures. The negatives have a size of 24×65 and a 45mm lens on the XPan will give you a field of view of roughly 24mm.


Hasselblad XPan

Even though I am working on a 21:9 monitor I am not used to shooting this kind of format. That’s why I guess composing will be a bit challenging in the beginning. I also want to develop and scan the film at home and that’s also something I have absolutely no experience with. Yes, this will be very challenging but I am ready to take the challenge and let’s see where it will lead me.

Expect the first results very soon! 🙂

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