Edit Your Photos Like Me With My Color Profiles for Adobe Lightroom

Throughout the years I got a lot of questions about how I edit my photos and now I am giving you the opportunity to edit your photos like me using my color profiles for Adobe Lightroom/ Camera RAW. The cool thing is, that these profiles work with all camera and even with JPEG files and you can even use them on your phone when you’re using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

23 Lightroom presets that will give you very different looks. Actually, these are no presets like you might know them, these are color profiles which have a couple of advantages over traditional presets. The main benefit is that you can change the opacity of the color profiles and so it’s up to you how prominent the look will be. And the cool thing is that you can easily combine these color profiles with traditional presets that you might already have installed.

The color profiles will work with RAW files and JPEGs. You can use them in Adobe Camera RAW, Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and with the Lightroom mobile App.

Compatible with: Adobe Camera RAW 10.3 (April 2018) or newer, Lightroom Classic CC v7.3 (April 2018) or newer, Lightroom CC (April 2018 update) or newer, Lightroom Mobile App (iOS 3.2, Android 3.4) or newer

The color profiles will only work with these or newer versions!

Included are 23 color profiles that let you create awesome looks with minimal effort. 🙂

See my Youtube video where I show how I use them:


Purchase the presets in my Etsy Shop for only 13,99€


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