If you share the same passion with me or even if you are new to this fabulous world of hunting precious moments on the streets, you have now the opportunity to join one of my workshops and learn directly from me.

I’ve been to Bangkok a couple of times and it’s one of my favorite places in Asia. The people are very kind and it’s a beautiful place for shooting street photography. On my last trip there I came across China Town which is a very interesting place to shoot in, especially after sunset when all the neon signs are lit up. There you will find tons of people and plenty of opportunities to dive in and have a blast shooting.

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In this workshop, I want to help you to take your skills to the next level. First, we will have a look at your portfolio to get an idea what level you are currently at and together we will determine which areas you can approve on. To address these sticking points I will give you specific assignments that you can work on during the workshop.

„Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity“

You might have heard about this famous quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca and it still is true to street photography. And my goal is that after attending the workshop you find luck everywhere you go. 😉

We will talk about gear and I will give you practical tips for settings you can use to get the best results possible and to always be ready. This also includes how to achieve spot on focus as quick as possible which is something a lot of street photographers struggle with.

Besides technical tips, I will teach you how to approach strangers in the streets and how to get close to people without being held back by your own „approach anxiety“.

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Workshop Schedule:

  • Friday (10am-11pm)

On the first day, we will kick off the workshop with a quick introduction round followed by the portfolio reviews. After that, we will have lunch and we’ll have the first lesson about settings and all the stuff you need to know for the following days. Later in the afternoon we will go out and shoot together. After sunset, we will be shooting in China Town.

  • Saturday (10am-11pm)

We are meeting up at 10 am and we are going to have a first shooting session and after lunch, we will continue shooting until we are running out of daylight. After sunset, we will continue shooting in China Town. We can have a late dinner together and if you are still motivated enough we can have a chat about whatever comes to mind. 🙂

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  • Sunday (10am-6pm)

We will meet up in the morning and while having breakfast you will have my feedback on your work from the days before. Later after lunch, we are going to head out again to shoot some more. Officially the workshop will end at 6 pm but if you are up for it we can have dinner together and talk more.

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Workshop Requirements:

  • a basic understanding of photography and the exposure triangle
  • a camera with manual settings and preferably a prime lens not longer than 35mm (or equivalent to that)
  • you can shoot film if you want to but it might be difficult to review the photos that day. Nevertheless, it is your call.
  • a laptop for reviewing the photos
  • a pair of good walking shoes
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What is included:

  • Me as an instructor with many years of experience who traveled the world and shot in many different locations and environments.
  • guided photo walks and the possibility for 1on1 sessions for the best learning experience during the duration of the workshop
  • advice at any time of the workshop
  • a great, fun time to learn new skills and find new inspiration
  • meeting people who share the same interests

What isn’t included:

  • all travel costs to get you to the workshop and during the workshop itself. If you are flying in, I would recommend booking a ticket that is refundable in case the workshop gets canceled or you have to cancel.
  • accommodation
  • meals during the duration of the workshop
  • insurance for your gear
  • and of course, you have to bring your own camera

Terms and Conditions (FAQs)

Workshop Fee: €499 €399 Earlybird discount (expires 15 December)

5 students only! To save your spot now click here